Treating Crew with Respect

Your career is real, not a reality show.

Minimum Requirements for Consideration

Each yacht will have specific / additional requirements - these are simply the minimums


Due to the nature of our client’s programs, we are only able to consider candidates who have prepared themselves for a proper yacht job. Although each program may have their additional needs and requirements, all positions we work require the following:
(1) A CV written in English that is both professional and concise (it does not have to be perfect…but it must be good)
(2) STCW Basic Training (all 4 modules)
(3) Medical Fit for Duty - seagoing
(4) The license you claim on your CV
(5) Verifiable references (yes we do call them, no we will not tell you what they say)

Onboard Experience

Deck / Stew candidates – at least 5 months on one yacht (freelance time does not count), we do not “stack” time from numerous yachts.

Experienced Deck / Stew candidates – at least a full contract on one yacht (10+ months)

Bosun / Second Stew candidates – at least two years as an Experienced Deck / Stew

Mate / Chief Stew candidates – varies by program, but solid experience as a Bosun or Second Stew with proven longevity in that role.

Captain / Chief Engineer – if you have to ask, you don’t qualify.

Wage Expectations

Every program is different. Your wages for that program will depend on what you bring to the table. As an officer you will negotiate after you understand what they expect from you (not before). We do not share wages in either direction. We strongly advise you to choose programs based on the work and the role it plays in your career. Choosing a position based on wages paid frequently leads to disappointment.
For all positions, the size of the yacht is almost a non-issue with pay. What are the issues: the license / training / experience / responsibility that they expect you to have. The greater those things, the greater the wages.

As a general idea, our clients pay:
Stew position: 2500 – 4000 / month
Deckhand position: 2500 – 3500 / month
Bosun / Second Officer / Second Engineer: 4000 – 6000 / month
Mate / First Mate / Chief: 6000 + / month
Sous Chef: 4000 – 5000 / month
Head Chef: 7,000+ / month
Captain / Chief Engineer: There really is no guideline.  The position is worth what you and the Owner understand it to be worth – this is why you must always decide what you are asking from a program after you speak with the program.


At times, our clients may seek a Captain or Mate that is a team with another crewmember. It is also possible for a Chief Engineer team to join a program. We do not get jobs for teams without at least one senior officer.

Smoking and Tattoos

You know the answer – smoking is terrible for you. If you smoke, stop. Ok, taking off our “dad” hats now, most of our yachts request non-smokers. A few will allow casual smoking if it never happens aboard (and some of the crossings can go a very long time). Vaping is the same as smoking. No need to try to talk yourself into believing otherwise.

Tattoos under a uniform line (shorts and T-shirt) are usually not a problem. Even small, discreet tattoos outside of those lines are frequently approved. Face and neck tattoos, offensive drawings or symbolism, terms that can be taken as offensive – let’s face it (no pun intended) are deal killers. Less common are programs that will accept “sleeves” or other large tattoos – but that is not a “no” – that is dependent on the program.
Please note that in general, almost all of our yachts will accept Māori tattoos on Māori candidates. 

Drugs and Alcohol

Every yacht has its own policy regarding alcohol use. None will allow alcohol abuse or consider candidates who have been released due to alcohol abuse. Every position aboard is a safety position and being intoxicated when aboard is forbidden.

All of our clients have a zero tolerance policy for drugs aboard, both in use and ownership (holding). They will conduct pre-employment testing and random drug tests. There are also drug tests when there is “just suspicion.” Drug sweeps by port or flag state authorities are always a possibility

And....The Rest

Charter: Our clients generally do not charter or charter very little.

Rotation: Very uncommon except for the Engine department. 

To be considered for a position, crew must meet all of the requirements in the job post