Treating Crew with Respect

The best candidates are those for whom respect matters

Our mission

We strive to service clients with the same quality that you expect from your on-board team. Our vision for assisting you in sourcing candidates is to develop a long-term partnership with you. We understand that your yacht or ship is unique and requires a team that works best for you. We do not believe that any position in this industry is one-size-fits-all.

Our process

Our process is one where we interview you. We want to know exactly what you are seeking from your team. A conversation to discuss the open position, your expectations and what you want to avoid are all opening topics to help us fully understand your needs.

As a client, what can you expect from us?

Superior quality service
✦A response to your email or phone call in a timely manner
✦Bringing only candidates who meet your needs to your attention
✦Honesty in our approach and if we are unable to source candidates who will succeed aboard, we will let you know

✦Absolute confidentiality - we are an independent agency
✦Regular reporting as to the recruitment for your position
✦Follow up after the position is filled to assure our performance and the performance of the candidate meets or exceeds your expectations.

What do we expect from you?

✦An honest presentation of the position and who you are seeking
✦Realistic expectations of your crew
✦A safe, professional work environment for your crew
✦Feedback to let us know whenever we miss the mark
✦Referral of your friends and associates who need quality crew.