Fleet First Mate

We are currently accepting First / Chief Mate applications for our dedicated recruitment of an exclusive group of 20+ motor yachts. This is a constant and strict recruitment process. We experience job openings, usually with 30-120 days notice of the required join date. We generally do not post these openings on any internet forum.

If you would like to have us bring these opportunities to you, please review the requirements. If they fall within your guidelines and expectations, we would love to see your CV.

  • Motor yachts range from 30m to 70m.  
  • Very active itineraries - not based in one location. The itineraries vary greatly from a traditional Mediterranean/Caribbean route to the Pacific ring of fire, to circumnavigations.
  • Privately owned yachts, some may occasionally charter lightly, but none of which would be described as “heavily chartered.”
  • Each program has a unique personality. But each has a solid focus on both the exacting yachting standards and the joy the owner’s get from having a great time aboard their yacht.
  • Their compensation packages are all very acceptable – and will be negotiated with the Captain on a case-by-case basis. None of them offer rotation, but vacation packages are usually quite liberal.

The minimum standards / requirements for consideration:

  • Valid Deck License appropriate to the tonnage of the yacht 
  • Valid STCW Basic Training and ENG1
  • Solid interest in the ISM
  • Experience showing the ability to lead by example 
  • History of growing and mentoring crew
  • Solid understanding of what you are seeking from your career
  • Current yachting experience with a history of making long term commitments
  • Verifiable references
  • A good sense of humor
  • Each has additional requirements regarding nationality (flag requirements), additional skills/interests (windsurf/fishing/diving), smoking and tattoo considerations, and may have other requirements not covered here.

We do not recruit for part time or freelance for these yachts.

If these fall within your guidelines for your career, please do submit your CV here for review.

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