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Chef 46m

Our client is seeking an adventure loving Chef to join their 45m Charter boat...wait for the Pacific! Here is the deal, Central and North America, fishing fanatic, loves fresh fish every day and to pair it with the finest of wines. Proper presentation, variety, everything you would expect from a great yachting program...and they expect it from you!
The boss is a very nice, considerate gentleman who frequently uses the boat alone, sometimes with guests (up to about 6 maximum) and is a connoisseur of the best the ocean has to offer.
They are officially a charter program - so there will be some charters, but as they are based in the Pacific, it is not nearly the number of bookings you see in a Mediterranean or Caribbean program.
They are about to set out for their adventure with a join date before the end of June.
The process is fairly simple - if you feel this challenge is for you, they do a background check, you would cook a meal for the boss in his Miami villa and then if the chemistry is great - you join!
Tattoos are not an issue - but smoking may be a deal killer.
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