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Chef - Landbased / U S

Something a little different from our team at Preferred.
Our client has an estate in Cape Cod and is seeking a Chef to join them for their summer season (May to September).
To be considered, the Chef must either be a US Citizen or resident alien (with Green Card in hand). US work authorization may work in this case.
The program is very civilized. The family comes out to the Cape each Thursday and stays until Monday morning. The Chef will have provisions in for them to make their own breakfast (possibly with some assistance from you – but not so much). Lunch will consist of something a bit lighter, something prepared with instructions on how to heat, or maybe leftovers from the night before.
Dinner will be turned up a notch. It may be a bit more down-to-earth, such as a BBQ or it may be quite formal, plated, multi-course.
The food is generally described as locally sourced, in season, fresh. Daily trips to the seafood market and the farmer’s market rounded out with the local grocery store describes the usual provisioning.
The family is small, only 3 people, however they entertain on the weekends, and you will frequently have another 2 - 15 people to include family, friends, maybe a few business associates. They do throw a big blowout twice a year, but this is very much the exception.
When the family returns to the city on Monday, the Chef will have prepared and packaged their Monday through Thursday meals with clear instructions for them to follow to heat and serve. There will be times when the Chef returns to the city with the family but will likely return to the Cape on the same day.
The current Chef has been with them for years and is moving to be closer to family. There is a preference sheet and several family favorites. The family is not particular, but at the same time, not described as “foodies” so your artistic touch will be tempered with their tastes in mind.  
The family has no food restrictions or requirements, but some of the guests may be sensitive to food allergies or preferences. You are open to accommodating the guests within the bounds of the family requirements.
For the summer, you will live on property in a side/guest house a short walk to the main house.
The Chef is responsible for provisioning, keeping the galley clean and tidy, communicating directly with the family and the family manager (not located on site). There really are not any non-Chef duties, other than you grab the newspaper in the morning.
Candidates with a strong sense of community (volunteer, altruism, “giving back”) will certainly be given preferential consideration.
The family is exceptionally private. You will see them in their “natural habitat” – nothing nefarious, but it is their home and there are bound to be ups and downs. You will sign an NDA and understand that nothing about their private lives will be disclosed at any time.
There is a pre-employment background check and drug test.
The position is non-smoking, but discreet and non-offensive tattoos should not be an issue.  
Experience required includes:
Private Chef experience (land or yacht)
Formal culinary training
History of calm temperament (this is not a television show and there is no yelling, screaming, prima donna personalities).
We are recruiting for the summer position on the Cape, but candidates who are interested in full time employment are also encouraged to express their interest.
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