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Chief Engineer - 52m

We are seeking a rotational Chief Engineer to join our 52m busy Charter yacht.
Following the typical “dual” seasons, our winters are in the Caribbean with the summers in the Mediterranean. We don’t go too far off the beaten path, so our access to stores and spares is quite good. The owner has a good budget for maintenance (both planned and the unplanned) and fully understands that some projects require time in the shipyard.
That being said, the yacht is tremendously popular in the Charter market and squeezing in that time during the summer or winter can be tight.
As such, we are seeking a Y1 (or Unlimited) Chief Engineer to join the program to rotate with our current Chief. There is a Second Engineer aboard as well, but this is not a “list making” position. You are very hands-on, enjoy finding issues and getting on top of them.  
The position is well paid and rotation – note we do not share wages in either direction, final wages are negotiated between the Chief and the Captain.
Some of the challenges:
The yacht is older – about 20 years
She has been well used (so there are always projects)
She is a very popular Charter program
During season (both) the Chief shares a cabin with a member of the Deck team
Some of the pluses:
The yacht is Northern European build
Maintenace for the past few years has focused on improvement, not just maintenance
In-between seasons (fall and spring) the Chief has their own cabin
The rotation is 10 weeks / 10 weeks.
The long term Chief is Royal Navy trained, so candidates with a similar background should point that out (please note candidates must have yachting experience).
The crew aboard has significant longevity – she is well run, the owner is respectful.
The position is open in April so candidates who must give notice can be considered.
Tattoos are not an issue, but absolutely no smokers will be considered.
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