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Second Stew - 57m

Our reputable client is seeking a well-experienced Second stew to join their newly built yacht.
The young family does intend on quite a bit of use this summer while they are in the Med, but will also make the yacht available for charter. As a brand new program, they have already secured quite a bit of interest in their charter program (so expect a very busy season).
A very active group, they enjoy water sports, travel (clearly) and exploring new areas (both cities and the wilderness). They expect a lot of movement around the Med, both the usual haunts and some out of the way places.
The interior is run by Chief Stew and a team of 3 other Stews. Ideal Second stew for this program is confident, proactive, and has solid experience with silver service. 
They will be running dual seasons, so the winter is a trip to the Caribbean (including the Antigua Charter Show). Any candidate must be able to secure the appropriate visas for both seasons. If you are wanted by Interpol or the FBI, you will not find a great fit in this program (a little humor here).
They have a 3 year program mapped out and are committed to the growth of their team.
The Captain is a long term professional who runs the yacht with a great sense of humor, professionalism, and a full on team atmosphere. He has reviewed the interior for us and assures us that although very modern, almost minimalistic, it is very Stew friendly. There is glass and some shiny surfaces, but not too much.
Join date is Mid-June, in the Med.
Leave package is 45 days per year.
Salary is good, but we do not share in either direction.
All of our usual requirements hold on this position (see our requirements page) and specific to this program:
Previous charter experience.
No smoking/vaping (of any sort)
No tattoos
Silver service
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