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Private Chef

Our client is seeking an experienced Chef to join their estate in New England for the summer of 2023 - From July 3 until September 7/8.
There are multiple homes on the estate, with the owner in the main house and family who comes to visit throughout the summer in the other homes.
Breakfast is almost non-existent. Lunch is usually sandwiches, salads, sushi, or some other fairly light fare....So why the need for a professional (and best for a yacht chef)? Dinner. Dinner can be as light as 2 people - but will frequently be for 30 people, 3 courses, plated service. 
Provisioning is fairly easy, even for the complex meals.
The Managers are a yacht team (Chief Mate & Chief Stew) who have come ashore. The other service personnel are interior yacht crew who have come ashore.
The owner has had a private chef for decades and really enjoys both the quality and variety of a private chef. Nothing is unreasonable (it is perfectly fine to utilize local artisans and one of the interior staff is a baker as well), but standards are high.
They can consider men or women, you have a private room and bathroom.
There are fresh ingredients on the estate, eggs, vegetables, spices, herbs which can add a nice level of "hands on" to pick the freshest (that is not code for you working the garden).
You do have access to a crew car. You will have one day off a week.
The wages are certainly good (we do not share in either direction). It is a temporary spot as it is filling in for the permanent Chef.
Candidates must be US Legal (Passport or Green Card) - no exceptions.
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