Personal Assitant

We have an opening for a Junior Personal Assistant for one of our long-term yachting clients. Please note that this is not a sea-going position, although you will join the Mister on his travels throughout the world, including his many estates, airplanes and yachts.

He is responsible for running a very large, successful company and currently employs two Senior Personal Assistant to manage his schedule, keep him on track, assist with his personal life and generally free up his time to focus on his company.

The open position reports directly to the Senior PAs and will, at first, be responsible for the more mundane tasks of a PA - light schedule keeping, organization of the local household, packing, unpacking, working with the team to move him aboard the yacht or to the next estate, on par with a traditional Valet.

The ideal candidate will have completed University (any degree - but completed), have a strong commitment to continual learning (this has traditionally been a growth position to other roles in the estates or organization) and have a fantastic work fantastic, we mean you work your bum off! The position is rotation, two month on, two months off. When on, you are on, or on call 24/7. When you are off, you are off.

To be considered, candidates must be strong and fit (there is heavy work). Healthy lifestyle (gym, non or light smoking, a bend toward healthier foods) is required. You do not have to be a fashion plate, but as you will be joining the Mister in some very high-profile social and business situations, well turned out is a plus.

Manners and comportment are critical, but not to the point of stuffy - he has a sense of humor and expects his close team to also be able to appreciate a joke.

Candidates must be male.

UK passport holders will be given preferential consideration, but any candidate must be available to fly with little or no notice (when employed, not for the interview).

The owner is an Arabic gentleman with a very diverse group working in both his business and personal life. Candidates must be open to a multitude of cultures.

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