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Deckhand / Stew -  33m

We have an opening for the Deck / Stew to join a recently delivered, 33m Mangusta on a totally private program.

The yacht is based in Kuwait and will be based there permanently.

Although only used lightly (very lightly), the yacht is maintained in absolutely pristine condition and the trips that are taken are generally trips of one to two days in each direction with refueling along the way.

At the dock, the yacht maintains a crew of 3, the Captain, the Engineer and a Deck/Stew who looks after the upkeep of the yacht. When the owner does come aboard, he brings 2 people from the estate to round out the crew. As such, when the owner is not aboard, each crewmember has their own cabin.

  • No smoking is permitted aboard, although a social / light smoker who never lights up aboard can be considered.
  • Tattoos (non-offensive) are not an issue.
  • Kuwait is a dry city - candidates need to be aware that the yacht is dry, the local area is dry.
  • Some experience in working both on Deck and in the Interior is requested.

They are happy to consider candidates located anywhere in the world, the owner will assist in arranging for the appropriate visas and work permits.

Start date is planned for September, 2023.

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