Treating Yacht Crew with Respect

We work with people, not data

Matching Professional Yacht Crew with Great Yachts

You found our website – that means you must be looking for a job on a yacht. If that includes a ton of travel, working with a great team, getting out on the ocean, working your bum off and showing the owners and guests a great time – you are in the right place!

So, who are our clients? They own motor yachts from about 30 meters to 80 meters. They are private, floating luxury homes, travelling vacation spots, second (third, fourth, fifth) homes, entertainment venues. Our clients value the privacy and freedom that luxury yachts offer. Some cruise the traditional Mediterranean – Caribbean route, others slip through New England, or the US West Coast, many take extended trips into the Pacific to explore the islands of the Galapagos, the Far East, and a few truly adventurous owners take the yacht to the Antarctic! Really, the only limit to travel is the imagination!  

They hire professional Captains, properly experienced, well certified. Proper Officers with a long-term view of their career. Those Captains, in turn, hire happy, hardworking, professional, fun crew (yes even the Engineers) who are looking to put in the work and have a great time working with a team of like-minded yacht crew.

We can see why owners and guests love yachting – why do the crew?

This is full time work. Not a summer gig, not a gap year, not even freelance work. The expectations are high, but the rewards are outstanding. Solid wages (feel free to check out our Crew page for an idea of what that means), health benefits, worldwide travel, food prepared by a private Chef, exploring exotic ports of call, windsurfing the Caribbean, scuba in the Maldives, swimming…well, everywhere!

And when the time comes to move on, or move up, your time aboard has prepared you to choose where you go next – larger yachts, smaller yachts, even an extraordinary span of land-based positions where your honed skills are truly valued. The sky is the limit!

Sounds perfect…maybe even too good to be true!  

If you have never worked on a yacht and do not know what to expect, that would make sense, but our clients are seeking well experienced candidates. Each yacht has a training program that will both sharpen your general skills and give you great confidence on how the individual program is run. With each of our clients, there is room for growth – training, learning how to give and take constructive criticism, management skills.

Even skills that may not, at first glance, fall into the realm of what you might expect can become important. Water Sports (Wind Surf, Kite Board, E-Foil), diving with guests, even deep-sea fishing experience are all those additional skills that our clients love to hear about.  

Proper yacht crew are very physically active, but we never lose focus of the fact that this hard work is also fun – we are in the business of supplying the world’s most luxurious vacations, in a safety environment. That means care and excitement are properly blended.

Can it get a bit stuffy at times – yes. When a king or queen comes aboard it is not uncommon to have to put on the formal uniform. We do say “sir” and “madame,” we learn silver service, we learn to observe and anticipate the needs of guests. We treat the owner’s parents like the most important people on earth. We also crack a smile. We laugh out loud. We jump in the water with the kids. We hold the hand of that guest who is just not sure about the jet skis. We produce the most exquisite vacations on earth. 

What about the people you work with – the rest of the crew on the yacht? They are people similar to you – happy, outgoing, hardworking. You rely on each other. You know they are fulfilling their promise to you, you are fulfilling your promises to them. But they are also different. They come from literally every country on earth. Different cultures, foods, backgrounds, languages. You learn from them – they learn from you. You create bonds with these people that truly last your entire life.

This is yachting – we work hard and we have a great time doing it!