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Ian Pelham


Ian Pelham started placing crew members over 20 years ago with a small cruise line in South Florida. As the owner’s crewing manager, he hired the crew to join the ships. His very first hires, two Stewardesses, were hired on Friday, flew to the ship on Saturday and were both sent home on Sunday. A phone call from the Purser first thing on Monday set the foundation for Ian’s philosophy of crewing: The opinions of the crew manager, crew agent or interviewer do not matter. Our job is to listen. Listen to the needs of the Owner, the Captain, and the Yacht. Listen to the goals and aspirations of the crew members. Then, with a bit of work, make the introduction that will allow both sides to get what they need and want.

Ian founded Preferred Crew with that philosophy as our driving force. Unlike most crewing houses, we do not ask crew members to fill in endless online profiles looking for a fast placement. Instead we take the time to read the CVs / Resumes of the people introduced to us and then we schedule an appointment to meet. During that meeting (which can easily run for an hour or more) we listen to the career and life goals of each person. If both sides believe that Preferred Crew can help the crew member achieve these goals, we work with them throughout their entire career. Our belief is that a long term relationship with each person is well worth the extra time this personalized service requires.

Nelly Greene


Nelly Greene has a long and storied history in yachting. First as an onboard crew member, Nelly knows first-hand what it is like to be away from your family and friends. She has lived in the small, cramped crew quarters while working long hours on the most exciting of tasks (including heads and beds as well as varnishing and getting that window just a little more spotless). She also understands the draw to the sea, working on these floating marvels and exploring places both near and far.

Now as a crewing agent, Nelly receives her satisfaction from introducing the right crew candidate to the right yachting program. She takes a serious interest in the individual on both up top and down below. She wants to know about your likes and dislikes, where do you plan on going from here and, best case scenario, what are you looking for.

Her style has been described as in-depth, caring, brusque and hard. All true. Nelly will push a candidate to explore what they are truly seeking from their time with yachts, but one thing is absolutely true – no crew member will ever be treated like a faceless number with Nelly.